#GoingHome Cats

Every Monday we like to celebrate all of our fantastic homeless shelter friends that found their own home during the past week. We rotate Monday’s between #GoingHome to highlight cats and #FreedomRide to highlight dogs. These campaigns help us remember that there is a human for every pet, especially when we see one of our long-term residents, also known as Super-Dogs and Super-Cats, finally going home. This past week a whopping 6 out of our 19 cat adoptions, where Super-Cats, residents whose stays are over 30 days. We can’t be happier to see these cool cats go home!

A big shout out to our friends that went home!

Tulip, Meow Meow, O, Biscuit, Zoomer, Melvin, Garland, Azula, Hazel, Eggs, Bacon, Melvin, Salty, Snap, Lorinda, Ariel, Kodak, Olive and Blanche all found their way home!

We still have so many friends at the shelter who need to find a home. Please meet them here: www.secondchancecenter.org/adopt and come visit anytime on Wednesday’s to Sunday’s between 11 am and 6 pm to say hello.

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