Rachelle Estes

Lead Medical Coordinator

Rachelle Estes

Rachelle Estes joined the staff at Second Chance Center for Animals two years ago and is currently the Lead Medical Coordinator for the organization.  Rachelle coordinates the intake of animals from other shelters and rescue organizations and provides needed veterinary care for shelter pets under the direction of the shelter veterinarian. 

According to Rachelle, “When I was 7 years old my grandparents bought us 2 horses. They were severely emaciated and I still remember that night when I first layed eyes on them. I cared for them and they were my girls for many years.” Rachelle’s early experience caring for animals continues in her current role at Second Chance, making sure that every dog and cat who comes through our doors receives the best care possible. “It brings me so much joy to see an animal who needs medical attention walk through our doors and receive the caring and compassion needed for them to find a home,” says Rachelle.

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