Second Chance Center for Animals Violet and Our Working Cat Program

You’ve heard of working dogs; service dogs, emotional support dogs, military working dogs, bomb- and drug-detection dogs, and the list goes on. Have you ever heard of a working cat? Felines are known for their prowess as stealth hunters in the wild, and house-cats are no exception (even though some would prefer to take naps in a sunny windowsill instead of chasing down prey animal). Working cats might not meet usual criteria for adoption and are primarily employed as mousers, responsible for decreasing and eliminating pest problems in homes, garages, warehouses, or any space that has unwanted visitors like mice and rats. Even if the working cat doesn’t catch many pests, the scent and presence of a cat can be enough to deter them. At Second Chance Center for Animals, we employ a working cat named Violet to keep our pet food supply safe. Without her, we could be losing a few bags of food every night to mouse damage!

We currently have two fantastic cats available for adoption who would be great mousers for your home or business. Solo and Koobie are two and three years old, respectively, and both are spayed females who are micro-chipped and vaccinated. These shy ladies prefer to be with each other or alone, away from the company of humans. They don’t ask for much; just the basics and the chance to keep your pest problem under control! The combined adoption fee for Solo and Koobie is $50, and in exchange you will receive two great mousers, food, treats, one free veterinary exam for each cat, and $650 in coupons from Petco. If you have a mouse problem in your home or business, come meet Solo and Koobie today!

Meet all of our adoptable shelter friends at and save a life today!

 Violet the Super-Cat

Violet the Super-Cat

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