Dark Sky Aerial

Dark Sky Aerial is a collaboration of local Aerial Artists. They dream and unleash creative performance experiences. Their work is thought-provoking, reflective, and innovative. Exploring the boundaries of human potential through movement and art, their Social Circus benefits social causes like supporting Second Chance Center for Animals and the Paws & Claws Circus event. Dark Sky Aerial’s work is unique, breath-taking, and definitely an experience like no other in Flagstaff, Arizona! Three rings of performance will be featured for patrons at Paws & Claws Circus throughout the evening.

The Rez Dog Biographies

Between 50,000 and 150,000 stray, feral and abandoned dogs are struggling to survive on Native American Reservations in the Four Corners Region right now. Writer/photographer Steven Sable intends to change that reality. His nine-year documentary photography project, The Rez Dog Biographies, reveals the day-to-day existence of these dogs, raises money for non-profit Rez rescue groups and celebrates the Great Humans who rescue. Steven joins the Paws & Claws Circus with a fascinating story-telling salon to share his experiences about the Rez, the plight of the dogs and how we can join together to bring an end to a solvable problem.