Second Chance Center for Animals operates from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm every day of the year. During our monthly orientation program, volunteers gain an overview of the organization and about current needs. From feeding and cleaning to loaned jogger and loaned hiker programs and community education and fundraising events, volunteers support every area of our operation.


The Open Paw Program is designed to teach shelter dogs and cats how to model good behaviors in order to get them adopted and stay adopted. Volunteers working in the shelter are critical to the success of the program. Basic household manners and friendly behaviors are taught to shelter pets to assure their success in the real world. Volunteers in the shelter learn Open Paw Level I – IV.


Paw Placement has partnered with Second Chance Center for Animals to create the Orphan Savers Brigade. Volunteers in the Brigade learn the basics about caring for underage puppies and kittens in a foster home environment until they are old enough and healthy enough to be placed into an adoption program. Nursing supplies and detailed instructions are provided.


KONG toys stuffed with vegetables like pumpkin and green beans are an essential chewing activity for dogs in our shelter. To keep cats mentally engaged, scent enrichment activities with herbs like lavender and catnip are part of the routine. Our enrichment garden for shelter pets is a community volunteer project to grow fresh vegetables and herbs for pets.