At Second Chance Center for Animals we have cared for more than 10,000 homeless dogs and cats who were in need refuge until they found their new homes. You can help us provide the best possible care for homeless animals by donating items from our Wish List. Collecting items from our Wish List can be a great community project or you can purchase items from at a local store and drop them off at the shelter, 11665 N. Highway 89, Flagstaff, Arizona 86004. We also accept gently used items in good condition.

  • Kenmore 5.1 cu. ft. chest freezer (found at Sears).
    Two of these are needed to freeze and store enrichment items for the animals.
  • Cat litter, non-clumping.
    Roughly 150 lbs of litter are used daily in our shelter each week.
  • Bath towels: new or gently used.
    For every animal in our care, three towels are used to keep them warm and dry daily.
  • Dog and cat treats.
    5 lbs of dog treats are used daily in the shelter alone. More are used for training and enrichment programs.
  • Kongs (black, red, and pink). The perfect enrichment toy when filled with food or treats, even for heavy chewers.
  • Peanut butter, Cheerios, Tortillas, Canned Tuna, Canned Chicken, Frozen Spinach, Chicken or Beef Broth, Canned Pumpkin, Hot Dogs (beef, chicken, and turkey).
    Used for shelter pet enrichment.
  • Small paper plates, yarn, tape, feathers, pipe cleaners, pieces of fabric, cupcake liners.
    Used to make Kitty Mobiles that are carefully hung inside the cat condos for enrichment.
  • Paper cups.
    3,100 cups are used for shelter pet enrichment.
  • Puppy pads.
  • Bleach and high efficiency laundry detergent.
    Our staff and volunteers wash approximately 10 loads of laundry every day.
 Print the Wish List

Print the Wish List